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Battery Grip BG-E21

Battery Grips

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  • Battery Grip BG-E21


    Enhance the handling of the EOS 6D Mark II, with a duplicate set of controls for shooting vertically. With space for an extra battery, the BG-E21 also lets you shoot for longer without stopping to recharge.


    • Shoot more instinctively when holding the camera vertically, using a duplicate set of controls.
    • Grip the camera more comfortably in the upright shooting position.
    • Enjoy more balanced handling when using large lenses, like the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM.
    • The extra controls can be turned on and off to avoid pressing them accidentally.
    • Work for longer without stopping to charge or swap batteries.
    • Shoot confidently even in poor conditions, with the same degree of protective sealing as the EOS 6D Mark II.


    • EOS 6D Mark II

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  • Battery Grip BG-E20


    This add-on grip for the EOS 5D Mark IV improves handling when shooting vertically, providing different ergonomics and alternative controls. It also allows two batteries to be used at once so you can shoot for longer before recharging.


    • Shoot steadily and comfortably with extra grip when holding your camera vertically.
    • Uses two LP-E6/LP-E6N batteries for longer shooting times.
    • Adds an additional set of controls positioned for vertical shooting.

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